About us

Quick GDPR Ltd and Security Trend Ltd offer automated online GDPR compliance solutions for web sites owned by companies employing less than 250 employees, SMB, sole traders and microbusiness, operating since 2017. This includes automated privacy statements creation based on our wizard which based on your company sector and data processing locations creates the most suitable privacy statement. You can create a cookie and analytics consent banner plugin to be placed into your web site pages.

We also provide comprehensive external and non intrusive web sites security and vulnerability scans, malicious code, injections and unwanted links check, software security updates check, alerts and reports, GDPR compliance reports, unnecessary web site services check, SSL encryption configuration issues, analysis of antiviruses or search engines restricting access to your web site, problems with site accessibility and page loading speedweb application firewalls and daily backups of any custom web sites to cloud.

Our third mission is increase the data protection and data awareness culture globally and help individuals to gain access and control on their personal data and show that their personal data belongs them 100% and make automated subject access requests.

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